Completion Fluids & Drilling Project Management Company in Houston, TX

Sterling Services International, LLC, is a drilling project management company in Houston, TX. We work closely with our clients to provide a full suite of drilling and completion fluids services, including project management, field engineering, logistics and supply chain management. We provide inventory management from product procurement, shipping, warehousing and to the drilling site, a complete supply chain solution for you, as the end-user. From drilling and completion fluids services to water management, technical services, and technical writing, we will drive project operational and economic efficiency.   

Drilling Fluids

Sterling Services International, LLC, is a drilling engineering company that can provide supply chain management, engineering and project management services for water-based drilling fluids, non-aqueous fluids, and associated fluid services on a global basis.

Completion Fluids

To meet the productivity expectations in final well delivery, completions fluids designs and services play an extremely important role. As a drilling industry company, Sterling Services International, LLC, has the internal expertise to provide the services to meet those needs.

Water Management and Reclamation

The consumption of water resources is coming under more and more scrutiny in the global oil and gas arena. Transportation, handling, and disposal costs are consuming much larger portions of drilling and completions AFE's. For that reason Sterling Services International, LLC can provide a customized reclamation and water reuse solution that can drive a return on your completion investment. 

Selective Production Services

Production chemistry, such as packer fluids, scavengers, and corrosion inhibitors can be provided with the proper notice for procurement and design.

Ongoing Operation of a Drilling Fluids Company in Houston, TX
Planning Phase of a Drilling Project Management Company in Houston, TX

Project Management

At Sterling Services International LLC, our team members involved with project management have an average of 20 years  global experience in some of the most challenging locations in the world.


Our expert engineering services include team members who bring many years of global experience to the table with strong base knowledge of all types of drilling and completion fluids. 

Technical Writing

Our organization has technical writing specialists with fluids experience on six continents; there is diverse technical knowledge that can be brought to bear for your project. Contact Sterling Services International, LLC, today for assistance tailored to your specific requirements.